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In the old kitchen is displayed a batterie de cuisine – the collection of coppers used by the family over the past century, many carrying the initials of their owners.  

The pestles and mortars are the forerunners of today’s electric mixers for pounding fish, meat and fruit.  The beer wagon dates from the eighteenth century when it was run up and down the table in the Staff Hall so that all could help themselves.  
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There are mottoes on either side – ‘Be charitable to one another’ and ‘Waste not, want not’.  


The clock over the doorway is of the type originally made as public clocks for inns and hotels throughout the country.  They acquired the name of ‘parliament clocks’ through their exemption from the tax levied on clocks and watches by the Government of William Pitt in the latter half of the eighteenth century.


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Breamore House